Hi Everyone,

Thank you for coming to visit my website. Well, we are living in certain uncharted times. We have never seen anything like this on this scale before and I hope and pray we will never see it again. One Hundred Years from now they will be talking about the situation we are faced with at present. We are a nation creating and living in modern history and that can feel daunting for many of us.

I would really like to think that our successors will be able to look back, marvelling at our resilience, our sense of community and our support for each other. So let’s do just that. It’s time to pull together, It’s time to look out for each other (Phone Calls, remember those? postcards, notes, and email, also offers of help to those less able, while safeguarding and keeping the social distancing in place) not forgetting to look after ourselves. We need to become the friends and neighbours that got us through the last World War. Because, my friends, we are at war with a killer. It doesn’t have guns, tanks, or even bombs, but a killer it is!!

Please, please listen to the advice that you are given by the government and health experts and less to some of the scare-mongering media. The experts do know what they are doing, working tirelessly to turn things around fast, but it needs your help. Distance socialising works, it’s proven and at this time is the right thing to do, together we can beat this.

Finally, a massive personal thank you from me to all our frontline Health Workers and Retail suppliers for looking after us and keeping us fed. To delivery drivers, transportation operatives, refuse collectors and everyone still working to keep our country’s heart beating. So with that firmly fixed in mind, let’s love one another and look forward to the day when this vile disease is nothing more than a distant memory.

Stay strong, Stay safe, Stay fabulous, stay in!!

Malcolm x